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In this fun and engaging course students will learn the origins of 3D Modeling, potential career paths and how it is used in today’s world. The course will take them from conceptualization to hands-on creation of 3D Models, to using computer software to build 3D models in the virtual space. This course is for High School aged students and up.

DEMO: Lecture video from Lesson 1 of course (10min 54sec)



Our teaching method and curriculum is based on years of experience working with young people to accomplish complex, real world, design tasks. Our course is based around the positive development of life skills and creativity, while fusing solid real world experience with traditional teaching methods. Your child matters and we are working hard to give them the richest learning experience possible.

  • 18 Week semester
  • 52 Lessons
  • 3 Lessons per week
  • Daily lecture videos
  • Daily assignments
  • Weekly quizzes
  • Final project and exam
  • Online and hands-on
  • Exploration of careers



Week 01 - Introduction and History

Week 02 - Usages

Week 03 - Types

Week 04 - Foundational Principles

Week 05 - Foundational Principles (cont.)

Week 06 - Project Conceptualization

Week 07 - Project Conceptualization (cont.)

Week 08 - 3D PaperCraft Project

Week 09 - SketchUp: Getting Started

Week 10 - SketchUp: Foundational Skills

Week 11 - SketchUp: Foundational Skills (cont.)

Week 12 - SketchUp: Building Tools

Week 13 - SketchUp: Building Tools (cont.)

Week 14 - SketchUp: Organization

Week 15 - SketchUp: Materials

Week 16 - Final Project and 3D Printing

Week 17 - Final Project and Review

Week 18 - Final


Problem Solving

Integrity & Work Ethic


Planning & Organization

Critical Thinking



Overall course time is approximately 60 hours and based on a standard 18 week semester. We recognize parents like the freedom to plan their own homeschool schedule so your going to love our month to month subscription model. Feel free to go at a pace that works for your family.



Instructor: Dave Sutherland

Software: Taught from SketchUp 2015, Student uses the Free SketchUp Make version available from Trimble.

Computer: Mac/PC with internet access

Icone for PDF download.