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2018 Survey

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey.

A limited time...

As most of you know Creative Electives was a special brand formed by Sutherland Design Agency, back in 2015. The primary goal was to have a platform to share decades of experience and knowledge with the next generation, while winding down 30 years of success in the corporate design industry. After completing a year long and exhaustive examination, which included a survey with parents earlier this year, the decision has been made to not transition Creative Electives into a stand alone company, therefore we will no longer be offering paid or free resources.

A different path...

While Creative Electives has the potential to be another successful business, we have all decided to move on to other creative and educational endeavors which we feel will have a more lasting and positive impact. A special thanks to HSLDA, The Review Crew, Cathy Duffy and the many parents who reached out to share support and gratitude.

A helpful tip...

If you made it to this site and were hoping to engage with professional, creative, educational resources and more specifically to learn 3D Modeling, you might want to check out the SketchUp site. While they are in the business of selling software, they do have some free resources that could ignite that creative spark.


January 2018 marked the beginning of what was to be a three month only survey. As we value the homeschool community and its voice, we extended the survey for an additional month. The survey explored the possibility of transitioning Creative Electives into a stand alone company, providing resources exclusively to the homeschool community. As of April 2018, our survey has been completed. For all details read the section above. Thank you all for your input and we wish you nothing but success with your homeschooling endeavors.