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Focus Forward 2018...

In 2015 Creative Electives was established by Sutherland Design Agency as part of a philanthropic way to conclude a rich 30 year history, read the full story. While Sutherland Design Agency has generously supported Creative Electives and respected leaders of the homeschool community like HSLDA, The Review Crew and Cathy Duffy have contributed with fantastic reviews, it is not prudent to invest further in the building of resources solely for this niche community without your valued input.

What were looking for...

We need to hear from a significant number of homeschool parents in order to get a proper read on how to best serve this community. The survey starts January 2018 and will conclude at the end of March 2018. We will not be responding directly to each survey entry but may communicate a couple times between the survey period via newsletter.

It's up to you...

If you believe in the homeschool community and value resources that cater specifically to it, then you need to get the word out. It takes a herculean amount of work to make a professional resource like Creative Electives, we need to know you are out there. You have a say with us and we are listening.

Tell us about your homeschool elective needs.